Justo Saborit- A master of his instrument. He is a native of Havana, Cuba where he began his music studies. He has studied and performed various styles ranging from classical, blues, jazz, rock & R&B. Justo Saborit has created a sound that is very refreshing and yet distinctive. The sound is a result of his love for the instrument, a blend of the mastered styles of music, and his native roots making the sound complete.

The latest album “Rumbale” is a guitar masterpiece filled with exotic compositions that take you on a journey of the world. Along with Producer extraordinaire Taso Hliatzos, Justo has created some of his best work. From Havana to the unearthly paradise of Andalucia this music will fill your heart with passion. “I believe an album should be well rounded and filled with great music from start to finish” says Justo who believes each song should stand on its own.

Producer Taso Hliatzos comments that this album was without a doubt the most fun to make. Spicy compositions like Andaluz, Sangria, Rumbale and Tequila Rain help to keep a nice balance of energy throughout the album while leaving enough room for softer Latin flavored compositions that will touch your heart such as Morning Gloria, Natalia & Corazon de Rosette.

Justo gained notoriety in 2008 as host of the very popular Latin Jazz/Latin soul Radio program on 107.3 The Wave of out Cleveland, Ohio which he hosted for 2 years. Shortly thereafter he had the opportunity to perform with some well known artists from the world of Jazz, such as Kirk Whalum, Gerald Albright, Roy Ayers and Hiroshima. “Performing in front of a live audience is the most rewarding part of the business” says Justo.

With four albums to his credit and a live show that is sure to win over audiences every time the future has never looked better.

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